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This blog is stories and opinions about government, politics, corruption, policing , justice, white collar crime and related technologies. Readers are welcomed to  send comments. Sending comments will automatically  authorize me to screen them for content  and  post  them along with sender’s identity. Thank you .

Bad Bosses

January 6,2011  


The Chicago Tribune  posted an article discussing bad bosses.

 I worked in the  Illinois Secretary of State Police for over 25 years. Despite the fact it was a law enforcement agency, it was very political. Good bosses were few and far between. I ask 2 things from a boss, fairness and respect. In many cases, politics came first.

One of the reasons I chose police work as a career is because I have an altruistic side, at least I believe I do. I sincerely wanted to do the right thing during my career with the state. Often times, I met with resistance from both my bosses and  from the system in which I worked. Higher up decision making was often based on variables like laziness, political sponsor,  political correctness, or complacency. Good policing, for that matter, good government, should be based on law, ideals, and professionalism.

Send me your comments and anecdotes of “BAD BOSS” experiences.


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